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Once upon a time...

      ...there was a little girl who loved going on nature walks with her Gram. They would pick wild flowers to their hearts' content and press them in the thickest old dictionary you've ever seen. While those flowers flattened and dried, they'd flip through the rose and seed catalogs, pick out a new lily to add to the flower patch, and plant the pansies by the front door. Life was simple, beautiful, and full of the magic only nature and soil can provide.

Meet Your Flower Farmers

Fast forward a bit and we have a daughter of our own, learning all sorts of magic from her grandparents (when she's not busy playing Roblox, of course...)

Toadlily Flower Farm is our way of connecting to the generations before and after us, feeding both nostalgia and hope. It keeps us grounded in the seasonal cycles that makes New England the wonderful place it is. And it helps us slow down to appreciate the beauty all around us.

We can't wait to share a little bit of this beautiful life with you!

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