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  • What is the best way to keep up with what's going on at Toadlily Flower Farm?
    Follow us on Instagram for the most current happenings on the farm!
  • Why can't I order and pay for specific flowers on your website like I can with large floral designer sites?
    There are two important reasons why we handle orders through a web form instead of a regular online shopping cart: We are a small family farm where everything is grown seasonally. Keeping an accurate inventory online for ordering purposes while needing to focus our energy on the growing season just isn't possible. Priorities here are growing beautiful flowers and getting them into our community for people to enjoy. We believe in the slow flower movement, which for us right now means we don't ship our flowers. By handling orders through direct communication we can make sure orders are local and avoid the admin overhead of refunds if requests are outside of our service area. Bonus - By interacting directly with you during the ordering process, we can take a more personal approach to fulfilling your flower needs!
  • What forms of payment do you accept?
    Once you fill out the order/special request form, I can send you a link to pay by credit card via PayPal or Venmo. Cash and check are also accepted.
  • Can I visit your farm?
    Our farm isn't open to the public at this time. We can arrange a pickup time for your order if delivery isn't available, and we will occasionally have mixed bouquets available on the weekends at the end of our driveway for purchase, but the flower field isn't visible from the road.
  • Are your flowers organic?
    The short answer is no, we are not certified organic and we have occasionally used products that are not organic for very pesky issues. That said, our priority here is soil health and safe practices for our family. I want to know that my daughter and doggos are safe when we all go hang out in the flowers so we opt for compost, natural fertilizers, and non-chemical pest control whenever feasible for us. Nature is pretty amazing when we try to work with her instead of fighting her!
  • What is the slow flower movement?
    The slow flower movement emphasizes the benefits of growing and sourcing local, seasonal flowers to minimize the environmental impacts of the floral industry. Local, seasonal flowers require less chemical usage, less energy to produce, and lower environmental impacts from shipping. To read more about the slow flower movement, check out Debra Prinzing's work here.
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